Design Protection (A Simplified Explanation)

Design protection focuses upon the shape, configuration and “look” of a product. The accompanying video is intended to provide a simplified explanation of what Design protection does and does not cover.

Here is a transcript of the video

Design Protection protects the way an object looks – an object such as a chair.  I recommend design protection whenever the design cannot be removed from the chair.  For example, when you have a chair with a unique back.  I don’t recommend design protection when the design could be removed from the chair.  For example, if you had a picture of Mickey Mouse.  A picture of Mickey Mouse could be applied to a lunch box, a mug, or anything.  It doesn’t have to be part of the design, so I recommend that you protect something like that, which can be separated from the chair, by copyright instead.  The weakness of design protection is Design Protection protects the way your chair looks, but a competitor can get around your design entirely by making a chair that looks different.  So that’s your summary – a simplified explanation of design.