Canadian Patent Database Upgrade

For years Canadian Patent Agents have urged the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) to upgrade the Canadian Patents Database (CPD) to include some of the features that have been available for some time in the United States Patents Database.   We are pleased to advise that the CIPO has announced that, as of June 15, 2015, the Canadian Patents Database (CPD) has been upgraded to include access to documents relevant to prosecution history.   Prosecution history includes Examiner’s Reports send out by CIPO and Responses filed by Patent Agents representing Applicants.   It is important to review these documents when determining the relative strength of a competitor’s patent.  It also enables Patent Agents representing Applicants to check to ensure that they have received all correspondence from CIPO.  Having the prosecution history available online will save Patent Agents like ourselves considerable time and save our clients expense.  While one could be criticize the labelling of the documents and the fact that not all documents are included, we must applaud the Canadian Intellectual Property Office for taking this step and urge them to continue to improve their online databases.