Rapid Proto-typing through 3D Printing


Sandy Colvine of Revolution 3D printers recently gave me a tour of their premises on Henry Avenue in Sidney, along with a demonstration of their 3D printing capability. As a follow up, Sandy has provided me with some background on the current state of 3D printing which may be of interest to you.

Rapid prototyping technology, like 3D printing, allows creators see their dreams come to life. Advancements in additive manufacturing technology means 3D printers are, reliable enough to be used for manufacturing, and versatile enough to print in a range of materials. Some of these materials include biodegradable plastics, flexible rubbers and high-strength alloys. Now a prototype or part can be made in a matter of days rather than months; designs can literally be changed overnight.

Low volume manufacturing with 3D printers means there is no need to stock thousands of parts made abroad. A 3D printer service, as offered by Revolution 3D Printers can make products to order, when they are ordered. They can also produce a vast library of parts.  At Revolution 3D Printers, we offer a one stop shop prototyping service for people that want to bring an idea to the market. We help creators with conceptual design, turning their idea into a digital model and getting a prototype into their hands. We also help entrepreneurs take the next step into production by preparing their design for the manufacturing method that suits their needs. We help inventors turn their ideas from a sketch to a product sold. To learn more, visit our website Revolution3DPrinters.com or reach us with your questions at sales@Revolution3DPrinters.com